Frequency Range: 9KHz-32MHz
Digital Down Converter: Xilinx FPGA

Synchronization : Optional 10 MHz reference input

PC Interface: Ethernet 100 base-T  (UDP/TCP/IP)

Filters: 115+ dB 80% alias free BW (Single DDC)

Output IQ Sample Rate: 12.5 KHz to 2 MHz

Output I/Q Bandwidth: 10 KHz to 1.6 MHz
DDC Flatness: <0.5 dB

Dynamic Range: 105 dB
Phase noise @ 15 MHz: -152 dBc/Hz @10KHz

MDS ADC Low Gain (500Hz): -128dBm 10 MHz

MDS ADC High Gain (500Hz): -129dBm 10 MHz

Analog to Digital Converter: 16 bit
IQ RX Mute Control: Available on RS-232 pin Preselection: 10 sub-octave filters

Attenuators: 0, -10dB, -20dB, -30dB

Sample Rate:  80.000 MHz

Memory for 40 MHz Wide Mode: 65536 x 16 bit

Operating Temperature: 0C - 40C

External Radio Control: Built-in RS-232 port

Dimensions: 9” x 1.5” x 7.1” W x H x L

Power: 5 Volts DC @ 1.5 Amp **

Connections: 3 x BNC (RF 1, Ext Ref, IF Out/RF 2) , RS-232, USB Setup, Stereo In, Ethernet, Power, RX Mute.
Compliance: CE,FCC,IC

* Usable to 34 MHz+

Ethernet Bandwidth Requirements:

2.00 MHz Output Sample Rate = 64.0Mb/s*16bit IQ

1.00 MHz Output Sample Rate = 48.0Mb/s*24bit IQ 0.50 MHz Output Sample Rate = 24.0Mb/s*24bit IQ 0.01 MHz Output Sample Rate = 0.60Mb/s*24bit IQ

*Specifications subject to change without notice.


Internal downconverter
Internal 10
MHz frequency lock board (Option 01)
Internal upgrade module

Highest performance HF/VHF
16 bit SDR on the network

The NetSDR+ radio is a high performance networked SDR with 2.0 MHz output sample rate. The NetSDR+ is our 4th generation technology using a high performance 80 MHz, 16 bit ADC with both dithering and randomization for best performance. The output I/Q bandwidth is configurable via software. PC communications are handled over a 100 base-T port using 24 or 16 bit I/Q words.

The NetSDR+ is a complete plug and play solution. As opposed to other SDRs in the market, there is no need for additional preamplifiers, preselectors or code development.

The unit is compatible with the SpectraVue, SDR-Radio, SDR#, GNURadio and other software that will have you up and running in minutes. The software includes analog and digital mode demodulation and I/Q capture of spectrum at up to a 1.60 MHz BW. RFSPACE now includes a low bandwidth Windows server application to remote the NetSDR+ from a Windows, Mac or Android client. The waterfall and demodulation audio can be transported via a low bandwidth internet link. For those interested in writing their own applications, RFSPACE supplies a fully documented protocol for communicating with the hardware. There is no need to calculate the downconverter DSP parameters. The NetSDR+ just needs the center frequency, attenuator and preselector filter settings, output sample rate and mode to begin streaming data. Other solutions require complicated USB interfacing that is platform specific. The NetSDR+ utilizes straight TCP/IP and ethernet for all communications. This offers the highest possible performance due to the highly optimized ethernet drivers on PC, Mac and Linux systems.

The NetSDR+ packets are fully routable. This means that the receiver can be placed at remote locations. Multiple receivers can also be combined and it’s data transported over a higher data rate ethernet pipe using simple switches and routers. In this application, each NetSDR+ can be set to a different IP address or port.

The new NetSDR+ trigger input option -02  will reset the NCO phase to zero degrees and clear the internal filter buffers until a trigger signal is received. This allows the synchronization of multiple NetSDR+ applications. In addition, the NetSDR+ now includes an internal trigger. This trigger is adjustable in steps of 1nHz for capturing repetitive signals.

NetSDR+  No Options   US $1349

NetSDR+ Option -04   US $1675

(Temp Stability +/-
25 ppm Max  0C-50C unlocked)

Oscillator Phase Noise of -155dBc/Hz at 10 KHz

10 MHz Reference Input.

NetSDR+ Option -04-02   $ 1775

(Temp Stability +/-
25 ppm Max  0C-50C unlocked)

Oscillator Phase Noise of -155dBc/Hz at 10 KHz

10 MHz Reference and Trigger Input for Triggered Recordings and Triggered Startup.

Trigger clears FIR buffers and resets NCOs to zero phase for phase coherency.

NetSDR Rack Mounting Kit  US $29

(Includes 2 brackets and screws to mount to NetSDR) 

Option -DC Downconverter   US $145

(Adds 40-700 MHz+ to NetSDR)

*Out of Stock. Special Order.

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Option 04 Oscillator Phase Noise