Frequency Range: 0.01 - 32 MHz

Port to Port Isolation 0-32 MHz: 70dB typical

10 MHz Leakage REF to RX1 or RX2: -90 dB

Phase Adj. Range: -2pi to +2pi In X2 mode 32bit steps
Synchronization : 10 MHz Reference Input

Filters: 100 dB 80% Alias Free BW

Decimation Rate: Variable 40-6400  (in 4 increment)

Output I/Q Sample rate:10 KHz to 1MHz  in X2 mode
Output I/Q Sample rate:10 KHz to 2MHz in X1 mode
DDC Flatness: <0.5 dB

Dynamic Range: 105 dB

MDS Preamp Off (500Hz): -128dBm 10 MHz

MDS Preamp On (500Hz): -129dBm 10 MHz
Analog to Digital Converter: 16bit
Preselection: 10 Filters

Attenuators: 0, -10dB, -20dB, -30dB

Sample Rate:  80.000 000 MHz

Connections Active: 3 x BNC (RF 1, Ext Ref, RF 2) , RS-232, USB Setup, Aux, Ethernet, Power, RX Mute.

Ethernet Bandwidth Requirements:

2.00 MHz Output Sample Rate = 64.0Mb/s*16bit IQ

1.00 MHz Output Sample Rate = 48.0Mb/s*24bit IQ
0.50 MHz Output Sample Rate = 24.0Mb/s*24bit IQ
0.01 MHz Output Sample Rate = 0.60Mb/s*24bit IQ



Option X2-02-04
(Dual Coherent RX option for NetSDR + REFLOCK+TRIGGER INPUT)
Includes 10 MHz reference input

Includes full second NetSDR receiver with filter bank

Includes trigger input
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* Specifications might change without notice.

Second Coherent Channel Option for NetSDR

The NetSDR Option X2 board adds a second coherent channel input to existing NetSDR radios. The Option-X2 includes a high performance 10 MHz reference input VCO that synchronizes both ADCs to the same reference. This option enables the unused BNC connector (IF/RF2) on the back of the NetSDR as a second RX input. This board includes a high performance 16 bit ADC, filter bank and separate attenuators. The X2 option can also be configured with trigger input. This allows multiple dual NetSDRs to be synchronized. When used with SpectraVue or CuteSDR software, only one channel is supported. In X2 mode the maximum output sample rate is limited to 1 MHz. The radio can still be used as a single radio with 2 MHz max sample rate.

Possible uses:

Polarization control

Beam steering

Radio Astronomy Interferometers

Direction Finding

Noise Antenna subtraction

Dual band simultaneous reception and recording

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** No dual channel software is supplied. Dual channel support is only via GNURadio, GRC or custom applications using the NetSDR protocol.