SpectraVue Software


Release Notes version 3.28:

  1. 1.Moved install folder to C:\SpectraVue.

  2. 2.Added repeat timed save mode.

  3. 3.Removed disk size clamping of record times.

  4. 4.Bumped record timed limit to 30 days.

  5. 5.Fixed S-meter RMS calibration.

  6. 6.Added spin control to FFT and Average.

  7. 7.Changed FFT smoothing and resolution.

  8. 8.Included latest firmware and FPGA code.

This latest release of RFSPACE SpectraVue™ software requires the latest version of the SDR-IQ (1.06) , NetSDR (1.08) and SDR-IP (1.06) firmware to be installed in the radio. Once SpectraVue is running, it will notify the user if an update to the firmware is required. Please follow the instructions below to update your radio to the latest firmware. The latest firmware is automatically included in the SpectraVue installation under the Program Files\SpectraVue\Firmware directory.

*** If installing over an old version of SpectraVue, Please delete SpectraVue.ini or the new version might not work. You can also uninstall the older version before installing the new one.

SDR-IP Firmware Update Procedure

NetSDR Firmware Update Procedure

SDR-IQ Firmware Update Procedure

SpectraVue version 3.28 Download

SpectraVue™ Software Download Version 3.28